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Who is the right contractor?


Even “smaller” design projects can require a substantial investment. The first step to home construction success is finding the right professional contractor to design and build your project.


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There are a few important things to consider when you are getting estimates from and "interviewing" a potential contractor:


    • Did the contractor respond to your request for an estimate in a timely manner?

    • Did he or she arrive promptly for the scheduled estimate?

    • Is the staff professional and courteous?

    • Is the contractor licensed and insured?

    • Are they members of a building association or the local Better Business Bureau?

    • Does the contractor offer a list of references?

    • Would it be possible for you to see firsthand the quality of his or her work?

    • Does the contractor listen to your ideas and present new options you may not have considered?

    • Does the contractor welcome client participation?

    • Have you received a plan and detailed bid describing exactly what is included in the proposed completion price?

    • What is the company’s time frame-to-schedule, and how long will the project take to complete?

    • What type of warranty is offered by the contractor?


Checking References


Always check the references of any potential contractor. Here are some suggested questions that may help you as you determine which contractor will serve your needs best:


    • Are you happy with the quality and attention to detail of your project?

    • Was the contractor professional?

    • Did he or she address any concerns in a timely manner?

    • Did he or she keep within the bid price or were there many "hidden" costs?

    • Was your project completed on time?

    • Was the contractor on site frequently?

    • Were the subcontractors professional?

    • Was the job site kept as clean as possible?

    • Would you hire the contractor again for another project?


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